by Crystal World Holdings, Inc. CEO Chris Rabalais

The development of the SportsRiskIndex trading markets, educational infrastructure and surrounding industry will put the world on a path to sustainable prosperity while drastically lessening the perceived need for, and therefore occurrence of, armed conflict.

Here are the major points: In the future, most conflicts will be based upon a battle over informational, energy and economic resources. The days of a land grab for land grabs sake are over. If you take over a population, you have to feed, clothe and take care of them. That doesn’t look very good on a spreadsheet. Military operations will become increasingly difficult to support economically and justify politically. The “everybody knows everything all the time” future is going to make spinning lies to cover your real motives nearly impossible. Look at Wikileaks… and that is just the beginning. In a “flattening” economic world, supporting a big military machine will be increasingly difficult to bear and justify. And even if you CAN support a military, why does it really exist? In the vast majority of cases, any military action has an economic justification.

Why does the SportsRiskIndex promote world peace? First, as an extension of sustainability and a better world, it lessens the need for violent conflict over scarce resources. There will be less fighting because there is less scarcity.

A portion of the SportsRiskIndex economic effect will be a draw from other sectors. And, there is a certain economic “alchemy” that takes place when you introduce a new technology that monetizes elements that were not previously monetized. There will be improvements in efficiencies. Adding all these together, you have a new economic platform that will draw resources from less profitable areas, create new opportunities where they never before existed and make existing industries more efficient.

The SportsRiskIndex promotes economic stability and world peace because:

1. It creates more opportunity and reduces scarcity that leads to strife.
2. It makes developing sports industry in any given economic area a much more attractive and long-range profitable spreadsheet analysis than a “slaughter the people, extract the resources and (try to…) lie about your real motives (.. see Wikileaks above)” military operation.

To make this work, you must deal with human nature as it is… and redirect the natural tendencies toward some mutual good. Basically, doing good is by accident. THAT is a capability I see with sports and the SportsRiskIndex. The military sector is the ONLY sector larger than sports (in the United States). That isn’t true everywhere. Ponder that imbalance and what happens when a country develops its sports industry to a higher level than its military… in the face of a mechanism to monetize it (the SportsRiskIndex).

The idea here is that we can grow the economics of sports beyond the military economics and make it more profitable. Without a word spoken, natural human tendencies… competition… greed… etc… will bring them to the same conclusion. You see a phasing up of sports and a phasing out of organized institutionalized violence. Of course…people will still fight one on one and this won’t get rid of ALL military operations. But, I can see the foundations being eroded from beneath and the ceasing of a very large portion.

Some argue that people want to fight to fight. I think there is a certain amount of truth to that. But… isn’t that one of the main reasons sports is so popular? I think that element is already covered. The key here is to make the economics of sports more profitable than war.

International politics will be very important. Why?

1. It will be key to getting this thing done. No question about it.
2. It will be key to keeping the splitting of the atom (so to speak) confined to the space of clean energy and out of the realm of economic atomic weapons. We MUST retain OUR vision or it will become a new economic raping and pillaging machine. It wields enormous power and therefore can be used for “good” and “evil”.

We intend to be one of the principal drivers that make sure the true global economic potential is realized for the above benefits. That is going to take an incredible amount of political agility and skill… and help. That help will come when the time comes. There are super-sharp well intentioned leaders out there that will join up when they grasp what is going on here. It won’t take more than a hint here and there before they’ll be itching to get involved.

Bottom line: The SportsRiskIndex promotes peace and creates a better world.

So… is it all nuts? Maybe…

But, I really don’t think so.