Trade Teams Like Stocks


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AllSportsMarket SportsFolio Manager (ASM) :

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17 responses to Trade Teams Like Stocks

  1. If you need help with the app let me know

  2. Chris,

    I think using PayPal as a payment option on the Account Panel looks amateurish. I know this is a mock-up but better to make corrections now rather than later when it might become more costly. I don’t know of any brokerage firm that accepts payment via PayPal. Perhaps we can use Wire or ACH instead. Thanks.

    • I agree, Allan. We will replace it with ACH and upload the new image.

    • It may very well look amateurish however, isn’t paypal one of the largest money transfer services online period??? Seems removing it entirely might lower the amount of people that use choose to make payments to the platform I know I personally have more often than not choose not to make a purchase if the only accepted form of payment is ACH due to issues Ive had regarding that form of payment. Whereas if I wanted to make a purchase if that very same purchase allowed me to use paypal or ach I more than likely would have made the purchase instead of not… Just food for thought!

  3. I would like to be a part of a team to write mobile apps. Please let me know how can I join.

  4. Thats great, so is this going to make us some money? I know you cant predict the future, but I just thought I’d ask…

  5. I hope you are creating a iPhone app also as that market is huge. I have both a Android Phone and a iPad/iPhone/iTouch.