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Tag archives for Norway

SportsRiskIndex® Patent Update and the Android SportsFolio® Manager in 90 Days

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SportsRiskIndex® Notice of Trademark Allowance

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How the SportsRiskIndex™ Helps the Sports Industry Through Difficult Times

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SportsRiskIndex™ Patent Amendment to the Chinese and Russian National Entry Filings

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SportsRiskIndex™ Patent Pending in 44 Nations Representing $43.226 Trillion in Annual GDP (68.71% of the World Total)

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United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office June 15, 2011 Publication Notice

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42 Nations With 3.5 Billion Potential Sports Traders and the Politics of Regulatory Approval

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3,471,501,479 (About 3.5 Billion) Potential Future Sports Traders in 53 Days… That’s HALF The World’s Population!

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