Learn Finance Through Sports

Strategy White Paper (CLICK LINK)


I. Sports Finance Course Outline (CLICK LINK)

1.1 We Always Buy or Sell…Something

1.2 Stock Exchanges & Publicly Traded Companies

1.3 Valuation

1.4 Fantasy Sports

1.5 Gambling

1.6 Sports Betting 

1.7 Arguments For/Against Gambling

1.8 Arguments For/Against Sports Betting

1.9 Regulation and Legal

1.10 Why Should You Care?


2.1 We All Take and Manage Risks

2.2 Insurance

2.3 Artificial Creation of Risks

2.4 Wealth Creation and The Concept of Zero-Sum

2.5 Wealth Creation - Drawing the Boundaries

2.6 Coffee, Anyone?

2.7 All Industries, Unite

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3 responses to Learn Finance Through Sports

  1. It is nice to hear people are enjoying the efforts put forth. I am sure everyone has questions as to the implementation of financial futures contracts market and the Sports Risk Index. I hear questions all the time like, how does a financial contract work, How do you buy and sell a financial futures contract? Who issues the very first contact? Well state tune to Learn Finance Through Sports.

  2. Chris, I love the outline and first 3 sections. I think they are written in an unintimidating , easy to understand format that helps the reader identify with the subject matter and want to continue reading. I really like it!