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  • James Ross said 6 months ago:

    Do you have a promotional plan to release this idea to the mainstream media?

  • Profile picture of Chris Rabalais Chris Rabalais said 6 months ago:

    Once the public beta is up and stable, I will go back to Bernie. He will start up the media.

  • Profile picture of Jason Henry Jason Henry said 5 months, 1 week ago:

    Bernie has a very capable ‘team’ that will be more then ready to get back to work and help promoting ASM. I personally still have several contacts from our first marketing campaign, that have inquired into the progress of ASM over the past 3-5 years. These people are just as excited to begin talking about it on their local and national platforms as we are to seeing the actual platform up for beta testing.

    As far as promoting the idea goes, I truly believe that Chris and his team have made this easier to promote this time around as they have the paperwork to prove the theory behind the concept as well as the patent fillings from around the world. Basically we have what we need to put minds at ease when questions of legality arise.

    It may not be my spot to do so, but I think everyone that has been involved in ASM should start to take a look at this as the actual first attempt - as Chris and his team have not stopped working on this. I think its time that we all put our energy together for one last stretch run and get ready to take this project to the level that everyone here has thought about and played through in their mind.

    So, lets use this section to generate ideas, excitement and most importantly create a unity amongst those of us that are ready to put every ounce of skepticism or doubt to rest and work towards seeing Chris’s vision become a reality.

  • Profile picture of Chris Rabalais Chris Rabalais said 5 months, 1 week ago:

    Thanks for the update and commentary, Jason.

    It will be very important over the coming months that we get as much help as possible.

    This is OUR dream now… not just MY dream.

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