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  • Dan said 3 months, 4 weeks ago:


    Iphone/Ipad theory:

    I keep hearing references to the fact that people with Iphones and Ipads tend to have more disposal income compared to android users. I would like to point out the fact that my girlfriends 13 yr old daughter has an iphone. Not because she has extra income, its simply because Verizon gave them away for free if you added an extra line to your contract. I know many people that took that deal simply because the phone was free. I believe the number of Iphone/Ipad users are greatly miss-represented (i.e. kids on parents contracts). Chris you stated in the conference call that if someone really wanted to participate in the beta then they can just go buy an apple product for $100. That’s ridiculous! I ask that you please step back for a second and realize that not every trader is going to have an account over $10,000 or be a millionaire. I would LOVE to take part in the beta stage and give feedback as I already trade stocks daily with apps. Under any other circumstances I would probably be a prime candidate for this task. The point I’m trying to make here is: ASM has a target user base of two groups, the stock trader and the sports fan. Speaking as a third person resource, I feel you guys have been leaning way to hard towards the stock trader rather than the average sports fan. Please keep both groups in mind as this project progresses. Again, this is my personal opinion and should be taken as that, just an opinion.

    In App Purchases Ideas

    Scrolling live scores: seperated by either leagues, current user holdings, or favorites
    Breaking News: sports related articles
    Market research: Stats on which sectors or leagues have the most volume, biggest gainers/losers, include charts 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 yr.

    Affiliate/Referral Incentive

    As noted in the conference call the idea is for a leader board with a prize at the end of the contest. This is a good option but I would like to make a suggestion for you take into consideration. I would rather see the old affiliate program be inacted in which the user got a percentage of each trade for every new user they signed up. When this program was inacted I actually went out and printed business cards that I handed out to friends and family simply for the fact that I knew I would potentially make my money back with each new trader. It worked the same way as insurance sales men and stock brokers get paid. And guess where all my income from these traders went….right into my ASM trading account to be used to buy more stocks. I believe thats what other affiliates will do also.

    Unfortunately I have to go for now. Please keep in mind these are just suggestions and in no way are meant to be taken as personal attacks towards anyone. If you have questions for me please send me a private message. I have more ideas but I don’t have the time to post them for now.

    Thanks for your time, Dan

  • Profile picture of Chris Rabalais Chris Rabalais said 3 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Dan, thank you for your input.

    I’m not sure what you mean regarding an iPhone for $100. Here is just one example I found very quickly:

  • Allan said 3 months, 3 weeks ago:

    I get Dan’s point regarding Android vs. iPhone users. I think there is a common misconception that iPhone/iPad users are more affluent, sophisticated, etc. I suspect that may have been the case when those products were first introduced.

    Secondly, I too think we should think look towards the average sports fan and not the average self-directed stock trader as our initial and prime customer. Remember, much of the basis for the NSEI is to help the general public understand investing and finance through sports. Anyone currently engaged in self-directed stock trading is probably already knowledgeable about investing; whereas the average sports fan who is not currently investing, most likely lacks the knowledge to do so confidently. However, by using his or her knowledge of sports, they may feel more empowered to invest in our market because they understand sports.

    I don’t think we can lose by focusing on the sports fan. The stock investor/trader is already comfortable doing what they are doing. When we are successful, they will trade with us anyway. It is the sports fan who will be singing our praises. Those in the conventional investing community will look at us with skepticism because we are intruding on their turf, so to speak. just my thoughts.

  • Profile picture of Chris Rabalais Chris Rabalais said 3 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Android will be right behind iPhone/iPad.

    The sports fan is the focus and that will not change as it is core. Nothing about starting with iPad/iPhone
    should be interpreted to mean anything other than what it is: the best business case to get us moving off the
    starting line quickly… which is key to winning this space.

  • Dan said 3 months, 3 weeks ago:

    4-21-2014 conference call

    Just want to say thanks to Chris, Ace, and the rest of the team for all they’re doing. I heard nothing but good things this last call. I think Ace has really expanded the ASM product with his ideas and knowledge of the APP market. Personally I’m not a gamer but with the stats and facts that everyone has presented I’m hopefull ASM Free will be a new revenue generator for us. I still want to see ASM become an open market with real cash but as they say, “baby steps”. Keep up the good work guys!

    Thanks, Dan

  • Profile picture of Ace the Creator Deleted User said 3 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Thanks for the support Dan. Bringing our dream to life is a monumental task and encouraging “thanks” like yours go a long way.

  • Dan said 3 months, 2 weeks ago:



    This is the one time I hope I’m not right concerning Iphone/Android users. Hopefully we get more former ASM members to sign up. I know Ace stated he could get a few people in his circle of friends but I feel the old ASM members can provide more feedback as they have previous experience on how the sports market is suppose to work. Of course the more diverse our testers are, the more broader range of ideas we will recieve.


    I know I’ve already said it once but damn Ace nice work! The screenshots look amazing! None of my current brokers apps look this good. It’s killing me that I have to wait to get my hands on this app.

    Promoting the App

    The cheerleader ideal is spot on. The user base is already there. This should be a no brainer. Why are you trying to fight it Chris? Is it purely from a financial standpoint? You will NEVER be able to figure out why or how Flapy Bird blew up the way it did. Flapy Bird is the once in a lifetime exception…not the rule! Spending even $2500 for one game to test this is totally justifiable. Thinking we can turn ASM into Flapy Bird without spending some money here and there is ridiculous. I vote to go ahead and do it.

    Words of Advice

    The greatest strength a CEO can poses is to recognize his weaknesses! Chris I feel that you’re having a hard time wrapping your head around how the whole app world works and how it can be influenced through social media. On the other hand Ace has the knowledge and the ability to make the ASM app number 1 in the app stores. Chris we all know that ASM is your baby and that it was your wacky idea that thought up the whole ASM market. However, I feel the business would be better served if you concentrated more on the “business” side of ASM and left the creative work to Ace. He has proven himself already so there shouldn’t be any concern there. I would also like to say that I would like to see the other members of the board start taking on more projects and relieving Chris of some of the smaller matters. The feeling I get when listening to the calls is that everyone is just waiting for Ace to finish the app and not realizing that the timeline to get things done is getting closer and closer. I am NOT saying that they are not pulling their share of the weight. I’m simply saying that Chris is trying to do WAY to much as the CEO when really he should be working on where this company is going to be in a year and how exactly to get there. Look at it this way: If you work on ASM part-time you’re going to end up with a part-time result. Do you really think Steve Jobs or Bill Gates just stood back and said “I hope this Ipod thingy goes big.” No! They came to their offices everyday and asked,”How can we take over the world.” I would also like to see all the members of the board get together one weekend and spend a “company outing” some time before the launch of the app. Conference calls are only there to bring people together when situations present themselves as to justify not meeting in person at a conference table. If we want to be the biggest thing since twitter then we need to start acting like it.

    Thanks Dan

  • Deleted User said 3 months, 2 weeks ago:

    I would just like to add a quick comment… I am a former iPhone user, and after switching to Android I am much, much happier. Not only is there a wider range of phones to choose from, but they are bigger with more capability… then there are the new tablets, specifically the new Samsung tablets that have a lot more functionality and capability than the iPads. What the others mentioned above about the iPhone users makes sense… I am one of them. Perhaps the iPad users are more wealthy, BUT many of them are children of wealthy families who are awestruck by all the WHITE and cool modern look… but in my mind Apple has lost a lot of customers to Android. The fact that they will not support Flash because of a security issues is bogus… I have had Android for years now and have been very happy with having the Flash capability that Apple refuses to accommodate.


  • Profile picture of Ace the Creator Deleted User said 3 months, 2 weeks ago:

    All fine points guys, just remember we are not abandoning Android, we had to pick one platform to develop first, so we chose the one with the quickest path to return on investment.

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