Conference Date and Time: April 03, 2011 10:53 AM
Duration of Recording: 49 Minutes, 58 Seconds
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1. ASM Account Settlement Report
2. Fundraising Update and Discussion
3. Mobile SportsFolio Manager Update and Discussion
4. Educational Mission Update and Discussion

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Educational update:

Objective: To produce a comprehensive, yet SIMPLE, educational curriculum that uses sports as a tool to teach finance. The curriculum will cover the SRI, of course, but will be more general than that.

Technology: The curriculum will be offered through a website hosted on the NSE domain, but a mobile version will also be prepared.

Structure: A preliminary structure is as follows: Have 10 topics and 10 “levels” for each topic. The curriculum will start with Level 1, and the learners will work their way up. At each level, fun facts, reading lists and other applicable information will be provided. The idea is to keep the audience ENGAGED at all times. Optically, each learner will see a 10×10 square, which is initially empty. As learners move along, and take some tests or otherwise demonstrate they mastered their subjects, each square will “fill up” to show progress and give the learner a sense of accomplishment. A little competition (but not a lot) may be helpful, so we can consider whether we want a learner to see other learners’ standingsin the “grid”.

Prizes/Awards: Virtual badges or other recognition will be given to learners. Random cash prizes, if legally feasible, should be considered.

Competition: While the tools and the approach is somewhat unique, other market players realize the importance of financial education in digestible formats. Two examples:

Visa: Practical Money Skills.
Good website with a ton of info. Notice also the “financial football” game that is an attempt to combine sports with finance, although the angle is different. This is a game where you advance the ball in a football field based on your answers to finance questions.
Finance education simplified. Especially note the social network elements: you pick a goal (say, debt reduction) and share with your friends. Geared toward the “Facebook crowd”. Correctly identifies the problem: that most tools apply to people who are already good at managing money and are not simple enough to help people who need help the most. Haven’t seen a sports angle but there are some good ideas here. Overall, the observation is very similar to sports trading – people feel that finance education is broken and looking for fixes but nobody is there yet. I think we have a unique angle and actually well-positioned in this market regardless of the trading arm.

That pretty much sums it up. I am progressing with the 10 categories – and levels under each. It’s all about simplicity and presentation.