Build a REAL SportsFolio! - AllSportsMarket Returns 3.31.14

November 20, 2013 in public

On March 31, 2014, the preview release of the new AllSportsMarket platform will be open exclusively to stakeholders.

The new platform is built on the Google cloud architecture plugging directly into Google Wallet. This will provide secure banking, fraud protection and load capacity to handle virtually unlimited users around the world. The market will strictly conform to the core principles as required by government regulations.

1. This new market is for the sports fans… Main Street… NOT Wall Street… and NOT their trading machines.

2. There will be NO margin. This is a cash market only.

3. Commissions will be set at 1% and rebates will apply for volume traders.

4. There will be FULL public reporting of traders and trades. NO secrets.

4 responses to Build a REAL SportsFolio! - AllSportsMarket Returns 3.31.14

  1. Congratulations to everyone involved,specially to Chris who has been dedicated to this project…Looking forward to try the new market platform.

  2. Great news. Patience is a virtue!

    Will shorts be allowed? I’m thinking maybe not to start, but an open to being educated on the subject.

  3. Nice work to everyone so far involved! I’ve been standing in the shadows watching this since 2006 and only by chance did I even see ASM back then. I loved the idea from that day.

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