AllSportsMarket and The New Sports Economy - U.S. Patent Application #61/937,534 Filed February 8, 2014

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Systems and Methods for Trading Sport-Based Financial Instruments - U.S. Provisional Patent Application #61937534 Filed February 8, 2014 (CLICK THIS LINK)

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The New Sports Economy is a bold new socio-economic paradigm and ecosystem revolving around sports as an asset class. It will substantially improve financial literacy and result in sound financial decision-making as the public learns finance through sports-based instruments and associated education tools. Being a familiar platform to most, sports will serve as a penetration point into the complex world of finance where participants gain confidence and subsequently master financial tools and knowledge. This collective increase in the knowledge base and public confidence will then result in a more sophisticated society that makes far better financial decisions. The improvement in financial literacy of the participants will be tracked through various scoring systems aided by machines. The New Sports Economy also stimulates the economy and reduces unemployment, two big problems that face the world today.  Scores of new businesses and jobs will be created in this ecosystem with sports, a new asset class, being the core innovation and leading to commercial and social success of the entire ecosystem.

Within this new asset class, two main classes of instruments will be traded: performance based and non-performance based including the SportsRiskIndex (SRI). In a big industry where performance, popularity and revenue generation are all connected having both of these classes co-exist is socially and economically optimal. Stakeholders will manage risks better, asset prices will be more accurate, investors will have wider diversification, markets will be more stable and to the extent that multiple regulators are involved, there will be more robust regulatory oversight. Through these instruments, the sports industry, one of the biggest in the U.S., will finally have access to financial tools which are available to practically every other industry but have been historically absent from the sports world.

AllSportsMarket (ASM), the main platform that will host both contracts is a cloud-based exchange platform that forecloses any advantage by proximity or co-location. It prohibits high-frequency trading through policy and technical, machine-aided enforcement of market “speed limits”. It exceeds S.E.C. and C.F.T.C. minimum regulatory standards. Account creation, trader authentication and fraud protection are accomplished through an integrated wallet leveraging widely utilized existing banking structures and systems.

ASM is an “Open Market“. This means that all traders are identified, all contracts are serialized and all trades are known. This is deployed through a market search tool providing real-time access to all market data. There are no dark corners. Market data is dedicated to the public and not sold.

ASM is a 100% cash market (no margin). Some contracts pay dividends. ASM traders pay a 1% trading commission based on the total dollar value of their trades with rebates based on volume. ASM traders enjoy the benefit of the SportsFolioRewards program offering goods and services redeemable for points generated by their trading and account activity. The conduct of the SportsFolioRewards program will be achieved through tracking devices and interconnected computer systems.

ASM sports contracts are socially and commercially useful and serve the public interest by offering price discovery and risk management. ASM sports assets also remove the perverse incentives that presently corrupt the purity of sports. Importantly, both finally signify a successful implementation of an ancient idea where all others failed and solve a long-felt need. A socially useful sports-based financial tool puts the sports industry, at last, on equal footing with other industries that have enjoyed access to similar tools for decades, in some cases even centuries. In addition, integrity has been at risk since the inception of sports gambling, which creates a moral hazard problem by providing the wrong incentives to the participants who can profit from acts like game fixing and point shaving. ASM sports contracts, by economic and technological design,  totally remove the incentives to take these perverse actions and preserve integrity.

ASM splits revenue evenly (50/50) with the leagues (or relevant sports bodies and athletes where applicable) on traded contracts. Revenue tracking will be aided by computers and interconnected storage systems.

The foregoing, in its entirety, represent a broad outline of claims to be filed in copyright and patent applications and claim the benefit of the one year “publication-conditioned grace period” as codified in the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act ( This is not an offer of sale of securities. Sports assets may require regulatory approvals prior to trading. Consult your legal advisor.

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