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  • Santiago Epelde Ferrante posted an update in the group Welcome Back:   2 days, 5 hours ago · View

    Chris, the match wins payment was a very excited part of the game, but if in the new concept you are don’t taking in consideration this tool, well, we are going to adapt and play with the new rules. But when you have more details we contuining talking. Best regards.

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      Chris Rabalais · 12 hours, 16 minutes ago

      The SRI will move up and down in price each trading day AND have a cash settlement (debit or credit) each trading day.

      The ASM model moved in price each trading day and had a cash settlement event on match win/loss only.

      The SRI will pay more frequently (daily).

      What do you think of this?

      I will be publishing a SRI trading ”primer” soon.
      A view of the draft is available in the ”ASM/CWH Stakeholder Only” group forum.