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  • John Poling posted an update:   2 months ago · View

    Put up with me please….I met Chris more than once and i believed in his vision before i met him….but got me hook, line and sinker was when I was able to see the mirrors of his soul….absolutely no doubts then….rocky moments, i have to admit…*but here we are…and wherever you go, there you are!*

    Also Kudos to Paul and the others that many people didn’t know that was working their butt off to not let this thing die…thank all of you, the behind the scenes people…and Chris….someone please tell me if i ramble too much…that’s not like me =)

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      Chris Rabalais · 2 months ago

      Thank you for the kind words and the confidence, John.

      Granted, this has been a longer and more difficult journey than we all expected. Nonetheless, I am absolutely committed to seeing it through for the benefit of everyone who believed in the vision and trusted me to make it real.