There are lots of “moving parts”.. as people like to say these days.. but I think the top level matters are pretty basic.

1. There will be a natural incentive for the public to learn more about finance so they can leverage their existing passion and time spent on sports for a potential profit. And, as we’ve said, this is nothing but good news for Joe Q. Public in his personal financial affairs outside sports and sports trading.

2. There will be a natural systemic incentive for sports teams, leagues and players to improve their performance and public interest. This will draw in capital outside the flows directly tied to SRI trading (the revenue sharing model). This will create a healthy competition for public interest and therefore direct (revenue sharing) and indirect revenue flows.

3. There will be a natural GLOBAL systemic interest in seeing that particular nation states get as much of this economic activity as possible. Most of this will be driven by healthy competitive forces but that last critical 1% will be driven by treaties and political maneuvers.

Healthy and productive operation of the SRI markets will mainly be a function of:

1. The proper structure, calculation and dissemination of the index. – OUR JOB

2. Regulatory function – REGIME

3. A balanced and fair standard for revenue sharing between the SRI index instruments and the underlying teams and leagues. – OUR JOB TO NEGOTIATE

If we stop right there, we have an incredible business model that will generate substantial profits for CWH while growing supporting industry and opportunity through natural and normal economic forces.

But… that last 1% in the political realm will determine the balance of payments and distribution of wealth from the global viewpoint. Here is where philosophy executed through command and control structures will determine to what degree emerging economies will enjoy the benefits offered everyone else. This will be super-tricky business and I think it is important to lay the foundation for these structures early before this really takes hold. Once the funds start flowing, it will be extraordinarily difficult to make the changes and peel even $.01 away from the first-world powerhouses once inertia takes over.

Above all things, my interest lies primarily in this political architecture and making sure that the SRI markets achieve their true potential of bringing up the folks on the bottom and giving them a real fighting chance at prosperity. As the principal architect, I will have a voice in the matter. Maybe, beyond my pride (which I won’t deny), that is why I’m so VERY VERY protective of my claim to the epoch of the concept. That is my leverage to get people to listen on the political stage. While I’m still just an infant (in terms of knowledge) on political mechanics, the day will come when all this comes together. In much the same way that the SRI will have natural tendencies to create opportunity and efficiencies, the same will exist politically. The key is to take natural political forces and redirect them toward our ends. This will be nothing short of Picasso politics.