May 15, 2009 Update

May 16, 2009 in public

I am working with the primary stakeholders to form a new management team and select a new C.E.O. Concurrently, we are redrawing and updating our business plan and associated documents to prepare for a new DCM to license our products. Our two primary DCM candidates are both expecting decisions on their licenses from the CFTC this summer. We have been in contact with one and will make contact with the other soon. Prior to entering discussions regarding the licensing of our SRI product, they must be certain they are permitted to operate under current regulations. So, we are unable to advance these discussions until that outcome is known.

The new management team and CEO will be announced after all of the legal details have been finalized. It is imperative this is completed heading into the summer to coincide with the expected licensing of our target DCMs for the SRI.

The selection of the management team and CEO will directly impact our ability to raise completion and roll-out financing so this process cannot be rushed. I will remain on the Board of Directors and actively involved in assisting the completion of the Regulatory processes initiated under my direction.

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