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February 6, 2009 in public

Our company developed and holds a provisional patent on a
financial product that will allow institutions and the public
worldwide to invest in sports teams legally (provided we clear
the last Regulatory hurdle). This instrument doesn’t have a direct
tie to assets and liabilities and is exchange traded. In summary, it
is an exchange traded index futures contract that measures the
relative financial value of a sports team.

My intent with this project is to offer a legitimate economically
valuable alternative to illegal sports gambling. We are more than
7 years into this process with considerable time and money
already spent. We are in need of funding to complete the project
and go to market.

My personal desire is to see this project succeed and be able to
redirect the resulting financial reward to further progress in
important initiatives to improve economic and environmental
conditions worldwide. I didn’t do this to get personally wealthy
and buy a plane to paint my name on. There is a window of
opportunity to get this through the last phase of the Regulatory
process and to market that will be missed if I don’t find a partner soon.

If anyone is interested, I have extensive details available and
references can be provided right to staff (working on our
project) currently inside the U.S. Government.

Thank you for listening.

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